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Categoría: Dll-Files

Solved Scanning and Repairing Drive Stuck Issue in Windows 10

It’s anecdotal evidence, but the majority of our readers didn’t find that registry cleaners helped improve their performance on modern computers, either. Windows just isn’t getting confused and slowing down because you have a folder (known as a “key” in registry parlance) dedicated to an uninstalled program in your registry. It also isn’t getting confused […]

How To Fix Youtube Thumbnails Not Showing

Then open the drive and double-click the setup.exe file to kick off the upgrade. We are going to answer various questions related to the up-gradation, system requirements, time, process for an upgrade, and other details on this page. As Windows 11 was leaked earlier and many of you might also have downloaded it. Now if […]

Should I upgrade to Windows 11? What you need to know

If you often snap multiple windows to view side-by-side, then the snap layouts feature is definitely much better than the snap assist feature of Windows 10. There is a widgets button on the taskbar that has a bunch of handy widgets that show the latest information personalized for you. You can get the latest information […]

How To Use Chkdsk Command In Windows

They use proprietary components that are impossible to find replacements for, especially since they are not designed to be repaired. If it’s a new PC, then install the latest version of BIOS and updates for the SCSI controller. Also, if a fault occurs in the driver code, it tries to access the not available range […]

How Do I Download The Epic Games Launcher?

A recent update seems to have caused compatibility problems with the Steam Controller. After some experimentation I think the Steam Controller is being detected twice as two different gamepads with conflicting settings. Further complicating matters is that now the triggers aren't being detected properly within the game config screen. I've come up with a workaround […]

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